Hardekool Brandewyn is a true South African drink offering. Born from the stories told around a camp fire and the hunters blood flowing through our veins.

Guaranteed to quench your thirst and make any South African heart warm.

Our ranges are hand-crafted with love and passion. The peace you experience when the hardekool fires burn with a sunset in South Africa, where your body and soul binds against all the tension of work, which fades away to a life of quality around the burning flames of long nights which give a deep sense of belonging. At night, when the big flames of hardekool wood burns, the aroma of searing meat on the coals and grandmother’s vetkoek fills the whole bowl. We remember our family and the value of quality of life.

This hardekool brandy is made locally in South Africa and with a real South African flavour that reminds you that you have tried it.

(For wholesale information on Field To Fork Hardekool Brandewyn, contact karla@veldtotvurk.co.za)