Signature Deli, a small artisanal deli located in Douglas in the Northern Cape entered this competition for the first time since they started operation. Signature Deli entered in three categories.

Signature Deli is a farming enterprise and cheesery situated in Douglas, Northern Cape which originated as a value-added product for two farms under irrigation. They specialise in cows and goat milk products and make some of the finest yogurt in South Africa. As we can see with their latest achievement at the 2024 SA Dairy Championship.  FULL CREAM DRINGKING YOGHURT WITH CONDIMENTS 1st place Signature Deli Beesmelk Double Cream Choc Chip Flavoured Drinking Yoghurt. SA Champion

They adhere to natural, organic, and non-invasive practices. Only the best quality cows and goat milk, free of hormones and growth stimulants, is being processed under their cheesemaker Cyril van den Heever. Their products are available at selected Spar outlets and other retail shops in the Northern Cape, North West, Bloemfontein and Pretoria.

The drinking yogurts are manufactured in eight flavours which are as follows: Choc Chip, Toffee, Passion Fruit, Peach Apricot, Banana, Vanilla, Cream Soda and Strawberry.

Packaging 350ml and 1 Litre

(For wholesale information on Signature Deli, contact karla@veldtotvurk.co.za)